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Nicholas King

Born in 1972, York, England, Nicholas King is a painter and digital artist. Nicholas’ works mainly in oil paint producing portraits, landscapes and still life works. A graduate of York College of Arts and Loughborough University, Nicholas has exhibited around the UK. Working with fellow artists, he has opened studios and galleries in York and Whitby. Over the years Nicholas has been sculptor in residence at York Castle Museum, Film studies tutor at York College of Arts and has produced animations and images for television and film.

‘Painting has remained the most efficient, most engaging method of self-expression in my life, it is a true love of mine. A form of meditation, inquiry and elucidation, it is an invitation to learn and evolve. As I grow older, I gravitate more and more to a fundamental expression of humanity in my work, our sentiment, our joy, our heartbreak seems to matter more than ever. My love of painting, its history and potential remain vital and exciting, I hope to see a future where painters continue to be relevant and valuable.’

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