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Exhibition: York & Yorkshire 2022

26th March - 7th May

With new original paintings by Jane Fielder, Colin Binns, Sarah Connell and Giuliana Lazzerini


Gallery Window - York & Yorkshire 2022 Exhibition

4 Walkies image size 12 x 16 ins - frame size 42 x 52cm.jpg

Walkies - Acrylic - by Sarah Connell

5 Dusk Low Petergate image size 18 x 24ins- frame size 57.5 x 73cm - Copy.jpg

Dusk, Petergate - Acrylic - by Sarah Connell


Sarah Connell - paintings

SWINEGATE TO THE MINSTER  ink, gouache and collage on fabriano paper    20x29cm    395.00

Swinegate To The Minster - Ink, Gouache & Collage - by Colin Binns


Museum Gardens To Stonegate - Ink, Gouache & Collage - by Colin Binns


Colin Binns - paintings

792A Shy Clifford’s Tower (psp pc cr.IMG_5918.jpg

Shy Cliffords Tower - Watercolour - by Jane Fielder

794A A new horizon framed (pc cr.IMG_5985.jpg

A New Horizon, From Layerthorpe - Watercolour - by Jane Fielder


Jane Fielder - Paintings


Blue Sheep - Acrylic - by Giuliana Lazzerini


Spring Greens - Acrylic - by Giuliana Lazzerini


Giuliana Lazzerini - Paintings

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