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Exhibition: The Printmakers Show (Online)

Original prints from Giuliana Lazzerini, Melvyn Evans, Hester Cox, Sarah Harris, Ed Boxall and Anna Tosney

3rd June - 3rd July


 Hare and Two Moons - Limited Edition Linocut of 25 - by Giuliana Lazzerini

finisterre moderate to fair.jpg

 Finnesterre, Moderate to Fair - Limited Edition Linocut of 60 - by Melvyn Evans


 The Hunter at Eventide - Limited Edition collagraph of 40 - by Hester Cox


 The Kilburn White Horse - Limited Edition Screen Print of 60 - by Sarah Harris


 Tree by the Edge of the Campsite - Limited Edition linocut of 30 - by Ed Boxall


 Penned - Limited Edition Drypoint Monoprint - by Anna Tosney

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