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Exhibition: Summer Eclectic 2023 Exhibition

15th July - 26th August

With new original paintings by J. K Hebenton, Karen Sherwood and Nicholas ESRJ King


Gallery Window - Summer Eclectic Exhibiton - July 2023

8-BTG2308-Lady with a Mandolin-Oil on canvas-64x53cm.jpg

 Lady With A Mandomllin - Oil on canvas - by Nicholas ESRJ King


Rosa - Oil on canvas - by Nicholas ESRJ King


Nicholas ESRJ King - paintings

Rendez-Vous Duncombe Place - 42x42cm - oil paint on canvas - £430 – 2.jpg

Rendez-Vous:Duncomb Place - Oil on canvas - by J. K Hebenton

Brunch 33x27cm - oil paint on board - £340.jpg

Brunch - Oil on board - by J K Hebenton


J. K Hebenton - paintings

Sliver of light.jpg

Sliver Of Light - Oil on canvas - by Karen Sherwood


Sudeen Unexpected Shower - Oil on card - by Karen Sherwood


Karen Sherwood - paintings

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