Steve Tomlinson

'Art has been central to my whole life – from passing my art exam and 11 plus in order to go to an art grammar school (Moseley Road School of Art, Birmingham) to attaining a degree in Fine Art at Canterbury.


Following an early career in exhibitions at the British Museum and interpretive projects for the heritage industry I have worked on public art projects (mainly sculpture!) for many years.


I have always painted and my current work here at the Blue Tree Gallery is a further, somewhat symbolic, development of my interests in the sea and the associated physical and emotional experiences it brings.


There is a timeless reflective quality to walking on a beach or staring out to sea - it gives back a version of our own thoughts and feelings.


As we occupy this threshold, our minds are filled with a sense of space, of time and our own human fragile place in the world and the paintings attempt to stimulate such a contemplation.

The textures I create suggest the wind, the sounds of the sea and other coastal features such as pebbles, rocks and driftwood.


I hope that my work may encourage people to look beyond or within themselves and that the beholder will find a meaning that is pertinent, personal and rewarding. To quote E E Cummings: "It's always ourselves we find in the sea.”

2018 by blue tree gallery

23 Bootham, York, North Yorkshire, UK, YO30 7BW.

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