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Judy Adams

'I work in black stoneware clay, making each piece entirely by hand.  There are recurring themes and colours in my work, but each piece is different in its form and decoration. I use as few tools as possible when working, as I want each piece to retain the marks of the maker and to reflect the nature of the clay itself – I like ‘handmade’ to be literally that!  

I shape my designs from rolled slabs of soft clay, using bamboo and wood tools to smooth and make surface marks, then decorate with my own original abstract designs which I apply using natural sponges dipped in coloured liquid clay known as slip.  The motifs are inspired by art and textiles from the 1940s, 50sand 60s and these often include further incised markings, a technique known as sgraffito.  

Vessel forms are glazed inside to hold water so that they can be used as vases.  Pieces in the Kindred Collection are abstract sculptural ceramics inspired by votive objects found in ancient Crete.

All pieces are fired twice, first to 1000 degrees C, and a second glaze firing to 1185 degrees C.  These firings take up to 12 hours to complete.  On the base of each piece, you'll find my potter's mark of a swallow in flight.

My ceramics are featured in two books in the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series: ‘Extruder, Mold & Tile Forming Techniques’ and ‘Studio Ceramics Advanced Techniques’ both published by The American Ceramic Society.'

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