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Jane Fielder

Throughout my life I have had the desire to create, with a particular interest in colour, texture and pattern. Ever the optimist, I am drawn to bright, cheerful colours and I believe that good can be found in most situations; reflected in my work which is often vibrant with quirky humour.

A prolific artist, I enjoy the spontaneity and freedom of experimenting with both subject matter and media, taking great pleasure in the unexpected outcomes as well as the process itself. The joy and excitement of painting never ceases to amaze me – it is like having a huge parcel to unwrap each day, full of surprises. 

Preferring not to adhere to any rigid theme, I like my work to be an ever-evolving process, progressing and constantly changing; although certain connecting threads run through my work as I find myself returning again and again to particular areas of interest. The ideas of ageing, life as a race against time as well as seeking to find beauty out of ‘ugliness’ and order out of chaos are frequently visited. I love to play.

From within these recurring themes came my quirky urban landscapes that have affectionately come to be known as ‘Janescapes’. Many explore the grey towns around Bingley in a celebratory way, with bright flecks of colour and humorous incident reflecting the vibrancy that people bring to the monochrome landscapes.'

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