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J.K. Hebenton

Born in 1989, J.K Hebenton lives in the North of England and is an honours graduate of Coventry School of Art and Design. As a contemporary British artist working exclusively in oils, J.K. seeks to create works that convey the disparate and contrasting emotions that result from our encounters with weather and landscape.


'I paint the British landscape and weather in all its glory - mainly the North of England, and Yorkshire in particular. Whether it be stormy seas or rolling hills, I see my role as trying to capture the dynamism and raw emotion of our landscape through use of oil paint and my palette knife. I feel my artistic inspiration and excitement comes directly from the encounters with the landscape and the ever-changing weather; this emotional charge I then bring back to the studio, where I begin to build up layers of texture with the oils. I seek to transform my personal experience of the landscape onto the canvas, with a hope that the final version of the work may allow others to relate to the emotions inherent in the painting.'

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