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'Yorkshire Dales To Tuscany Hills'
by Giuliana Lazzerini

4th May - 22nd June

With new original paintings by Giuliana Lazzerini

Step into the captivating world of Giuliana Lazzerini's new Solo Exhibition, where colour and imagination takes flight. Renowned for her colour and composition, Lazzerini invites you on a journey through both her beloved Tuscany, and her home in Yorkshire.

From hilltop villages to serene countryside landscapes, Lazzerini's paintings are alive with evocative energy - capturing the essence of place, memory, and the passage of time.

We invite you to step in to Giuliana Lazzerini’s world and immerse yourself in the beauty of poignancy and the introspection of her work. Her paintings are meant to speak to the soul and remind us to illuminate what is around us.

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