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Gill Hamilton

Born in Lancashire in 1953, I have drawn for as long as I can remember and still consider drawing to be the most important of artistic skills.  I attended Burnley College of Art to complete my A levels and an Art Foundation Degree, going on to Ripon College of Education to train as an Art teacher.  It was only after early retirement to take on a caring role that I began to paint in earnest and later concentrated on my own artistic practise.  Being at home for long periods of time, I started to paint what was around me and so I specialised in still life.

My crisply painted, carefully composed still lifes evoke a sense of the familiar and occasionally a sense of fun. I aim to contemporise the traditional genre of still life, displaying a modern, illustrative quality and capturing moments which are often overlooked.  Some of my paintings suggest a human presence or familiar narrative which resounds with the viewer.  A book, left open for a moment or a coat thrown casually on a chair back indicate that someone has been here and may return.

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