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Featured Artist: Jill Campbell

8th August - 19th September 2020

'I am inspired by the landscape of the North East where I live. Most of my work is based on an ancient mining landscape called Cockfield Fell where I walk nearly every day. I use elements of what I see and combine these with my imagination to create my paintings. I am fascinated by the Fell’s strange, other-worldly, abstract shapes defined by the morning shadows and framed by big dramatic skies. Its pools, pathways, mounds, dips and curves are my motifs. I decide which shapes and colours to play with, then draw and apply layers of paint until I find balance and a painterly world emerges which celebrates this landscape.

In 2014 I graduated from the University of Sunderland with a first class degree in fine art. Since then I have regularly exhibited in galleries and prestigious competitions throughout the UK, including The New Light Art Prize, the Beep Painting Prize, the RBSA Prize Exhibition and the RA Summer Exhibition 2019.'

Fell Clouds 1 30 x 25 acrylic.jpg

New Day - Acrylic - by Jill Campbell

Fell Clouds 1 - Acrylic - by Jill Campbell


Paintings by Jill Campbell


Fell Skyland 6 - Acrylic - by Jill Campbell


Paintings by Jill Campbell

Fell Clouds 4 25 x 30 acrylic.jpg

Fell Clouds 4 - Acrylic - by Jill Campbell

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