Eric Moss

'I work in raku as I like the way the finished pots reflect their 'elemental' journey from mud to ceramic: I think this particular process imparts a 'sense of life' within a piece.

The transparent crackle glaze I use dresses tightly-controlled, thrown, sculpted forms in a complementary random and natural effect punctuated by paper and glue resisted areas. The pots are modified with shaped 'ribs' during throwing and often have no base so the pot can rock and roll without falling over.  I enjoy this play between the fragility of the pot and the durability of its composition. My current forms are inspired by natural seeds and nuts, ringed planets, flower bracts and mechanical aero/spacecraft engine parts. Much of my work is in 2 parts and very tactile, offering a variety of display composition which invites the observer into the sculptural process.'