Deborah Burrow

'Growing up in deepest Suffolk, I was influenced by its magic and seasons, and I began to absorb the character of the countryside and its wildlife at an early age. Whilst developing as an artist my affinity with the landscape and its richness deepened, and my current work still reflects this. My recent works are influenced by places further afield too such as Northern Britain, Northern Ireland and Cantoria, Spain, where I have discovered their beauty from many trips to see them first hand.

Each of my paintings start with a sketch and plan. As the creative process develops I allow the piece to show itself and breathe its own life. Being so connected with the subject of the painting aids the evolution of the spirit and mood of each new artwork in the studio. ​ The whole process of making art for me is like the natural growth and rhythm of the landscapes I portray – it starts with a seed and flourishes at its own pace, giving rise to depth, texture and vibrancy. ​ 


I am particularly inspired by the peace and magic of wild landscapes and nature. My main influences are the seasonal changes, colour and textures of the landscape, and trees. To me they symbolise the connection between the earth and the divine as they are rooted to the ground and spread their branches up towards the heavens. When I paint I am immersed in that wild solitude in nature with a spiritual edge.  But I am also acutely aware of the fragile co-existence of humans and the natural world. I am deeply concerned about environmental issues and support wildlife conservation, which in turn supports our very own existence.


​​It is my desire that each painting will evoke a positive emotion and calm energy for the viewer, so that they may also benefit from the peace, tranquility and joy I experienced which inspired me to paint. For a moment at least, one can be still with the world.'