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Anna-Marie Magson

'I originally studied Fine Art Painting at Liverpool College of Art, however, when the opportunity to work in a pottery studio arose, I began to explore my love of surface decoration and textured pattern on clay tiles. Ultimately, this led to adapting my ideas to hand-built ceramic vessels. I find both the process of creating an object and applying my designs most satisfying.

Having had many years of experience in producing various types of ceramics, I am now channeling my creativity into my current body of work. I find inspiration in the world around me, such as ancient structures, their weathered surface and the evidence of human mark making.

I hand build my pots using stoneware and earthenware slabs and layers of coloured slips. The flattened surfaces of the vessels provide a canvas on which to work. I create fine detail by revealing shapes, lines and marks through wax resist and sgraffito. I use a muted palette of soft-hued colours to evoke a sunbleached effect, and a satin glaze to give a tactile, silky finish.

Alongside my ceramics, I work in mixed media collage, producing abstract and pattern-based compositions.'


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